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Forced Order
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What is the name of the actor who plays Merlin?
In which episode does Uther die?
What kind of beast is Freya?
Who is the voice of The Great Dragon?
In what year did the final episode air in the UK?
Where was Arthur destined to fight his final battle?
What is the name of the creature that has control of Alice?
What is Merlin's favourite insult?
What village does Merlin come from?
In which episode does Morgana discover Merlin has magic?
Finish the quote 'What's that wildren eating? Oh...'
What is the profession of Gwen's father?
What is Gaius' excuse for Merlin's disappearances?
What is the surname of the royals in Camelot?
Who is Merlin's father?
What were Arthur's final words?

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