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Who is a liar who is dating Caleb and was bulimic for a little bit??
Who is a liar who is dating Mr. Fitz and was kissed by Jason??
Who is a liar who is lesbian and swims??
Who is a liar who is dating Toby and is super smart??
Who cheated on Ella Montgomery and is Aria and Mike's dad??
Name Tom Marin's (Hanna's dad) new family. (first names)?
Where did Emily's parents move to/are going to move to??
Name the girl who was killed.?
Who is the person who eloped with Melissa and supposively killed Ali??
Ali's brother? (name him)?
Who is the girl who went blind by the girls and Ali??
Jenna's stepbrother? (name him)?
Who is the cop who is in a relationship with Jenna and was in the N.A.T. club??
Who is the one-lettered person stalking the girls??
What does N.A.T. club mean in translation??
Was Garrett Reynolds in the N.A.T. club??
Which girl was hit by a car??
Who was the boy that Spencer dated and took to homecoming??
Who was Emily's boyfriend in the start of Season 1??
Where did Aria meet Mr. Fitz??
Ashley Marin, Hanna's mom, had a short little relationship with who? (a cop)?
Which liar's family own the barn??
Did Maya St. Germain ever do any drugs? (next 2 questions involve Maya)?
Did she get caught??
By who??
Where did Maya and Emily have their first kiss??
Where did Maya live??
Hanna crashed _____'s car.?
Ali took pictures of ________ when she was asleep, and Jason developed the film.?
Spencer kissed Melissa's boyfriend in the start of Season 1 who is now a doctor. His name is ______.?
Who of the 4 girls/liars didn't go to Mona Vanderwaal's party??
At a get together at Hanna's house with Emily, Samara, and some of Samara's friends, Samara got mad because _______ slipped her number to Zoey.?
In Season 2, the girls' therapist, __. ________ says that the girls can't see each other any more.?
At homecoming, to get some money, Hanna has to dance with _____, a yearbook committee member who smashed Ali's memorial.?
Holly Marie Combs plays Aria's mother, _____ Montgomery.?
Noel Kahn, a mysterious classmate of the girls plays a prank on Aria and Ezra Fitz. Hanna sees and then later gets ____ ___ __ ____.?
Pretty Little Liars plays on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday nights??

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