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Can you name the Various Enzymes in DNA replication?

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Small pieces of newly synthesized DNA that occur on one side of the replication fork that are subsequently joined up.
Enzyme that synthesizes a short piece of RNA that allows DNA synthesis to initiate.
Joins the okazaki fragments together by linking the 3' OH of one strand to 5'PO4 of another...
Enzyme that binds DNA ahead of replication fork and acts as a swivel to relieve supercoiling.
Binds to chromosomes and temporarily breaks and rejoins bonds so they can be seperated
Adds repetative strands to end of telomeres to prevent degregation
Enzyme that synthesizes a new strand of DNA by adding nucleotides to a 3' OH end using a DNA strand as a template.
Once strands are seperated, these bind to seperate strands and prevent reannealing.
RNA primers are removed by this, DNA polymerase fills in gaps.
Uses ATP energy source to catalyze the breaking of H-bonds holding two strands together.

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