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Given elementsMissing elementFun fact
Fluorine, Neodymium, LanthanumIf you don't grow some fins and swim right up to this answer, hell, you might sink!
Thorium, Neodymium, Lanthanum, Erbium, SulfurThe demonym for this country is not related to the name of the country. If the name and the demonym went to a restaurant, they might ask to pay separately!
Uranium, SodiumContrary to popular belief, the world's highest obesity rate is not in the United States but in this small island nation
Nitrogen, Titanium, Argon, SodiumThis country is named after an element (which does not appear in its spelling), although you may not win a gold medal if you think of its English name
Iodine, Potassium, Titanium, BariumIf you didn't know better and you heard the name of this country, you might be inclined to replace Titanium with Sulfur
Lanthanum, Iodine, NeodymiumYou might end up green with envy of those who are lucky enough to get this one right
Lanthanum, Iodine, NeodymiumHopefully this answer won't leave you cold
Phosphorus, UraniumThough it is commonly thought to be raw fish, ceviche, which originated in this country, is actually cooked by the acid in the marinade
Iodine, Carbon, HydrogenThe only country to border both Kyrgyzstan and North Korea
Nitrogen, Vanadium, Calcium, IodineThe missing element as well as another element bearing a similarity to the name of this country's head of state are among the rarest naturally occurring elements on the periodic table

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