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This man never wanted to be a barber anyway... He always wanted to be a Lumberjack!
This man had a menagerie of pets named Eric
This woman does not like SPAM!
The above woman's occurred at this café
...in this suburb of London
This bed salesman tends to exaggerate, multiplying every figure by 10
This mattress salesman, on the other hand, divides all his numbers by 3
...And also puts a bag on his head at the utterance of what word?
HintAnswerBonus trivia
Where must you stand to get the above to remove the bag from his head
...While singing what hymn?
Which philosopher 'was a real pissant who was very rarely stable'?
Who won the Upper Class Twit of the Year?
Which cardinal was played by Terry Gilliam?
In which city was the pet shop owner's brother located?
What cathedral did Ron Obvious attempt to eat?

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