Obscure facts about Blazing Saddles

Can you name the obscure Blazing Saddles facts?

QuestionAnswerExtra info/evidence
The movie was set in the year...
Which is exactly this many years before the movie was made
If Bart was 5 years old in the scene with the Indians, how old would that make him as Sheriff
What is the Governor's middle initial?
What is Hedley Lamarr's official job?
This Johnson's ice cream parlor serves only one flavor.
This Johnson expresses 'the courage little seen in this day and age.'
This Johnson says the quote in the previous question.
This Johnson is the bartender.
What does the other actor call the actor playing Hitler?
QuestionAnswerExtra info/evidence
What does Jim call Bart when they are dressed up as Klansmen?
What was Bart the first person to do to Mongo?
Bart is like what in Lili von Shtupp's hands?
What does Hedley Lamarr call his army during the pledge?
What time is Bart supposed to arrive in Rock Ridge?
Howard Johnson makes his welcome speech twice. The second time, what word does he drop from his title?
What is Lili von Shtupp's 'title'
Who performed the music on Bart's way to Rock Ridge?
What is the governor's secretary named?
According to the song, what is Bart's job?

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