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All compounds with cations that are group __ metals or the ________ ion are soluble.
All compounds containing ___, ___, ___, and ___ anions are soluble (answer in alphabetical order of the name of the ion; but can be answered in ion form or word form)
Chlorides, Bromides, and Iodides are (soluble/insoluble) except those containing ___, ___, or ___ (again, give the cations in alphabetical order according to name)
Sulfates are (soluble/insoluble) except those with cations of ___, ___, ___, ___, or ___. (Don't worry about charges; they're all 2+)
Hydroxides are (soluble/insoluble) except those yielding to previous rules as well as those containing cations of ___, ___, and ___. (Again, oxidation numbers are all 2+, so you ca
Except when yielding to rules one and two, ___, ___, ___, and ___ compunds are insoluble.

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