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DescriptionGame Show
Two contestants answer questions based on spins of a slot machine
A solo player and a family pair play a game show version of the board game Hex
Three contestants attempt to win cash and prizes while avoiding the Whammy
Two contestants play tic-tac-toe by judging the accuracy of celebrities' answers to questions
Two families attempt to guess the most popular responses to survey questions
Four contestants attempt to answer questions correctly and avoid being dropped out of the game
Three contestants respond in question form to clues in various categories
Two contestants play tic-tac-toe by answering questions in various categories
DescriptionGame Show
Contestants attempt to win prizes and sometimes cash by knowing their prices
Two contestants attempt to match celebrities' responses to often-humorous fill-in-the-blank statements
Two contestants attempt to predict the results of surveys, and then whether playing cards are higher or lower than the preceding cards
Six contestants pair into three teams and work together to answer questions and establish trust
Two contestants and their celebrity partners attempt to get each other to identify people, places, or things that fit a given category
Two contestants and their celebrity partners attempt to convey words to each other using one-word clues
Three contestants play a game show version of Hangman, spinning a wheel to determine letters' value

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