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Imperial man who owns a trading shop in Whiterun hold. Upon first meeting him, he'll ask you about a 'golden claw'He has a sister named Camilla, and was robbed by Arvel the Swift.
Jarl of Whiterun (unless he is overthrown by Stormcloaks)He has a brother named Hrongar, and 3 children named Frothar,Dagny, and Nelkir.
Bosmer man found in Riverwood who works at the Riverwood mill and is an adept level archery teacher.He and fellow Riverwood resident Sven are both in love with Camilla of the Riverwood Trader.
Breton mage found in the College of WInterhold.She lives in the Hall of Countenance and is usually bickering over how restoration is a valid school of magic.
Nord bard who can be found 'wandering' the roads of Skyrim.Sing two songs in the game, 'The age of Opression' and 'The Dragonborn Comes'
Nord woman found in the city of Riften along with her friend Aerin.Lost her sword, Grimsever, in the Dwarven ruins of Mzinchaleft.
Nord man found in Morthal who works at the mill.His wife, Laelette, has gone missing and he asks you if you have seen her.
Forsworn agent in Markarth who, upon first entering the city, stabs a nord woman named Margret.He is a Breton who works at Cidhna Mine and lives in the Warrens.
Imperial man found in Dawnstar who is a member of the Mythic Dawn.Opens a museum in Dawnstar and is looking for pieces to Mehrunes Razor.
Dumner woman found in Windhelm, who is accused of being an Imperial Spy.Her two brothers, Faryl, who is a farmer, and Aval, who is a trader, also live with her in WIndhelm.
Bosmer man who is the servant to the daedric prince Sheogorath.Walks around the city of Solitude, and will ask for your help.
Redguard beggar located in the city of Whiterun.Usually drunk and asks you to steal him some 'Argonian Ale'

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