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Can you name the incantations from Harry Potter?

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Can't reach!
No key.
Stuffed up.
Looks blank...
Good catch!
Meet your maker.
Go on, tweet yourself.
You can never be too careful.
Do not disturb.
Problem with Nargles?
This is going to hurt a bit...
When the wand has said enough.
For eager beavers.
A clean cut spell.
When it's time to visit Honeydukes.
Because size matters...
Wakey wakey.
Wizard first aid.
Any camper's fantasy.
Better than 'Top Secret'.
Think happy thoughts!
Harry's 'signature move'.
Duck again!
This one's worth an arm and a leg.
When X really marks a spot.
VIPs only.
Enough's enough.
It'll take more than Clearasil to sort this out.
Watch your step.
Don't like surprises?
You can hide but you can't run.
Not for the thinking person.
Like water off a duck's back.
No need for matches.
You're nicked.
I know what you're thinking...
Flipping out...
...and letting go.
Too heavy to carry.
Stop where you are.
Shed some light on the subject.
Arthur's tip.
Move it...
...or them.
The bearer of bad news.
Better than a whisper.
Lights out!
Remember this one?
For prying eyes.
Bird strike!
A romantic gesture.
Everything but the kitchen sink.
Stiff as a board.
No sense of direction.
Going somewhere?
Come again..?
There is something between us.
Done shouting?
When less is more...
Make some room.
Untie me!
Wakey wakey again.
Better than a warranty.
Wizards only!
Feather not included.
The only thing to fear is fear.
Keep you guard up.
Cleanliness is a virtue.
Property of the Half Blood Prince.
A Slytherin favourite.
Good with kids!
Make yourself heard.
Read the small print.
A total knock-out.
Lord of the dance.
Cleanliness is still a virtue.
Dramatic extraction.
How high?

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