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Can you name all of Class A in the Ultimate My Hero Academia Character Quiz?

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Quirk / Hero NameAnswerQuirk Description
One For All / DekuUnion of 2 quirks combined and passed on, growing more and more power over time.
Acid / PinkyCreates corrosive liquid from the skin and can control its levels of solubility and viscosity.
Navel Laser / Can't Stop TwinklingThe ability to shoot lasers from the navel
Tail / TailmanA very strong and robust tail, can be used as a third arm to move or attack.
Dupli-Arms / TentacoleTentacles with the ability to replicate parts of his body such as his mouth, ears, and eyes.
Electrification / ChargeboltThe ability to emit electricity out of the body as an electric aura, electrocuting anyone through contact.
Earphone Jack / Earphone JackJack-shaped earlobes that can be plugged into all sorts of objects and channel the sound of a heartbeat into them, making the vibrations to cause havoc inside the objects.
Transparency / Invisible GirlMakes the body completely invisible, easily avoiding detection through sight.
Explosion / ???Allows the user to excrete sweat similar to nitroglycerin from their palms and ignite it to create various explosions at will
Frog-Form / FroppyFrog-related abilities, including great leaping ability, wall-clinging, a powerful extending tongue and fast swimming.
Quirk / Hero NameAnswerQuirk Description
Engine / IngeniumTransforms the legs into engines that grant incredible speed.
Hardening / Red RiotThe power to harden any part of the body, protecting from physical attacks, heat and shock waves.
Anivoice / AnimaThe ability to command and control animals through vocal communication
Tape / CellophaneAllows for cellophane tape-like material to eject from openings located on both his elbows.
Dark Shadow / TsukuyomiAllows the host to emit a 'shadow like-monster' to materialize from the body and contract it back freely as a sort of extension.
Pop Off / Grape JuiceAllows the user to produce extremely sticky spheres from their head.
Zero Gravity / UravityThe ability to remove an object's gravitational pull, making the object weightless
Sugar Rush / Sugar ManBoosts strength by 5 times for every 10 grams of sugar consumed, but the effects last only 3 minutes.
Half- Cold, Half- Hot / ShotoThis Quirk allows the user to raise or lower temperature and gives the ability to create ice and fire from their body.
Creation / CreatiAllows the production of different objects, such as weapons and other ov

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