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Can you name the main characters from Dragon Ball Z by race?

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SaiyanMain Character's Father
SaiyanLegendary Super Saiyan
SaiyanMain Character's Mother
SaiyanMain Character
SaiyanMain Character's Brother
SaiyanFather of Main Character's Rival
SaiyanBald Saiyan
SaiyanMovie Villain
SaiyanMain Character's Rival
Human/ SaiyanDaughter of Main Character's Rival
Human/ SaiyanMain Character's Son
Human/ SaiyanMain Character's Son
Human/ SaiyanSon of Main Character's Rival
Human/ SaiyanMain Character's Granddaughter
Fusion Being (Dance)Main Character + Rival
Fusion Being (Dance)Main Character's Son + Rival's Son
Fusion Being (Potara Earrings)Main Character + Rival
AndroidMisunderstood Villain, Turned Hero
AndroidMale Villain
AndroidFemale Villain, Turned Hero
AndroidAndroid Creator
AndroidVillain with 3 Transformations
AndroidOffspring of Above
Dragon Ball DragonEarth's Dragon
Dragon Ball DragonNamek's Dragon
Unspecified AlienGinyu Force Leader
Unspecified AlienGinyu Force Second in Command
Unspecified AlienBlue Member of Ginyu Force
Unspecified AlienRed Head Member of Ginyu Force
Unspecified AlienSmallest Member of Ginyu Force
Unspecified AlienPink Frieza Guard
Unspecified AlienGreen Haired Frieza Guard
Unspecified AlienMinions of Saiyan Army
Unspecified AlienMain Tuffle Villain
Unspecified AlienEvil Wizard
Unspecified AlienKami's Caretaker
Unspecified AlienOther World Tournament Fighter
AnimalLevitating Cricket Spirit
AnimalSmall Dragon
AnimalMartial Arts Master
AnimalFriend of Master Roshi
EarthlingWife of Main Character
EarthlingVery Small Earthling
EarthlingBest Friend of Main Character
EarthlingWife of Main Character's Rival
EarthlingDaughter of Main Character's Best Friend
EarthlingTurtle Hermit
EarthlingFather in Law of Main Character's Son
EarthlingReincarnation of the Most Powerful Majin Form
EarthlingMain Character's Daughter in Law
EarthlingLazy Samurai
EarthlingWolf Fang Fist
NamekianYoung Healer
NamekianOldest Namekian
NamekianGuardian of Earth
NamekianGrand Elder Guru's Bodyguard
NamekianMain Namekian of Series
ShinjinOne of Four Regional Kai
ShinjinOne of Four Regional Kai
ShinjinOne of Four Regional Kai
ShinjinOne of Four Regional Kai
ShinjinOversees the Four Regional Kai
ShinjinGrand Supreme Kai
ShinjinAttendant to Supreme Kai
ShinjinEast Supreme Kai
MajinSickly Thin Majin
MajinMain Majin Form
MajinMost Powerful Form
MajinResult of One Majin Form eating another
Frieza RaceRuler of Universal Empire
Frieza RaceBrother of Above
Frieza RaceFather of Above
DemonKing of Demon Realm

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