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Can you name the main Dragon Ball Super Characters?

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Role AnswerHint
Main CharacterSaiyan
Main Character's WifeHuman
Main Character's SonYounger Son
God of DestructionUniverse 7
AngelAttendant to God of Destruction
Mr. Satan's First NameLies About Saving Earth
Former VillainFriends with Mr. Satan
Main Character's SonOlder Son
Wife of Main Character's SonHuman
Son of Main Character's RivalHuman/ Saiyan
Shinjin in the NorthTrains Main Character
Former Teacher of Main CharacterTurtle Hermit
Shinjin Fusion BeingObserves the happenings in the series
Elderly ShinjinObserves the happenings in the series
Main Character's RivalSaiyan
Wife of Main Character's RivalHuman
MonkeyLives with Northern Shinjin
CricketLives with Northern Shinjin
Prophet for BeerusSmall Animal
Main Character's Best FriendHuman
Wife of Main Character's Best FriendFormer Villain
Daughter of Main Character's Best FriendHuman
Role AnswerHint
Minion of VillainNinja Dog
Minion of VillainSpy Girl
Fusion BeingSaiyan + Saiyan
Trained Main Character's SonNamekian
New Guardian of EarthNamekian
Eternal DragonEarth
Commander of Galactic Frieza ArmyShort
Elite Frieza SoldierDescribed as Finest Fighter in Frieza Army
Revived Space ConquererHas a new form
Former Frieza Army MemberTrapped in Animal Body
Galactic PatrolmanGoofy Poses
God of DestructionUniverse 6
AngelAttendant to God of Destruction
Fights in Tournament for Universe 7Is meant to inspire Goku
AssassinUniverse 6
SaiyanUniverse 6
Frieza RaceUniverse 6
Bear like CreatureUniverse 6
RobotUniverse 6
Saiyan/ShinjinUniverse 10
Role AnswerHint
Former Identity of AboveUniverse 10
Alternative Timeline Version of AboveUniverse 10
Former Supreme KaiUniverse 10
Fusion BeingSaiyan + Saiyan
King of AllHas alternate timeline version
Knows AllBuddha Earlobes
God of DestructionUniverse 1
God of DestructionUniverse 2
God of DestructionUniverse 3
God of DestructionUniverse 4
God of DestructionUniverse 5
God of DestructionUniverse 8
God of DestructionUniverse 9
Supreme KaiUniverse 9
Trio The DangersUniverse 9
Trio The DangersUniverse 9
Trio The DangersUniverse 9
God of DestructionUniverse 10
God of DestructionUniverse 11
Pride TroopersUniverse 11
God of DestructionUniverse 12
AngelKing of All's Attendant

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