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Can you name the main Dragon Ball Characters?

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Main CharacterSaiyan Boy
Main Character's GrandfatherElderly Human
Human GirlFriend of Main Character
Shapeshifting PigFriend of Main Character
Martial ArtistAlly to Main Character
Shapeshifting CatFriend of Main Character
Martial Arts InstructorTurtle Hermit
Talking AnimalFriend of Above
Best Friend to Main CharacterTurtle Hermit's Other Student
Human PrincessMain Character's Love Interest
Human KingLives on Fire Mountain
Short VillainSeeking Dragon Balls for Evil
Minion of Short VillainDog Ninja
Minion of Short VillainFemale Spy
Gang LeaderRabbit
Living CloudRidden by Main Character
World Tournament FighterMartial Arts Instructor in Disguise
World Tournament FighterFighting to bring water to his village
Red Ribbon Army OfficerHigh Rank in Army
Red Ribbon Army OfficerLeader of Army
Good Spirited AndroidCreated for Red Ribbon Army
Red Ribbon Army OfficerVain Personality
Friend of Main CharacterSwitches Personalities with a Sneeze
Friend of Main CharacterSmall Native American Boy
Red Ribbon Army OfficerTalking Tiger
Martial Arts ExpertTalking Cat
AssassinHired by Red Ribbon Army
FortunetellerOld Witch
World Tournament FighterTricloptic Martial Artist
World Tournament FighterSmall Levitating Human
Martial Arts InstructorCrane Hermit
Evil VillainNamekian
Martial Arts InstructorTaught Turtle and Crane Hermit
Monster VillainSon of King Piccolo
Lazy SamuraiFriend of Main Character
Monster VillainSon of King Piccolo
Monster VillainSon of King Piccolo
Monster VillainSon of King Piccolo
Reincarnation of Evil VillainUses name of former self in DBZ
Guardian of EarthNamekian

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