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what is the highest level of education ricky has completed
what number hockey jersey does ricky wear in season 4
what does julian turn his trailer into in season 10
Mrs petersons dog gets f**** up on what
who is jrocs manager in season 5
name of bubbles' first puppet
name of bubbles' second puppet
what does ricky's honey oil accidentally get mixed with in season 8
which rap star visits the park in season 10
what does barb and sarah turn julians trailer into in season 9
what game does ricky hate playing with bubbles
what happened to randy and lucy's son
who do the Boys force to harvest dope with them in season 4
who pushed laheys car into a trailer during halloween
what is bubbles' favorite holdy
in what costumes do ricky, julian and bubbles dress in to evade the cops at the end of season 9
jacobs brother
name of the man Lahey hires to patrol the park in season 9
name of bubbes' mountain lion
what number hockey jersey does bubbles wear in season 4
phil collins full first name
what bad habit did Trinity have when she was young
who does corey work with from seaosn 8-10
what does Ray throw all over the park?
which cop does randy date in season 6
what is Ray's former job
complete the phrase: 'i am the...'
what is bubbles' main job
which rock star does ricky kidnap in season 3
What is Randy's alter-ego
what is ricky's pet goat's name in season 9
what drink did Julian switch to from rum in season 8
what does julian turn his trailer into in season 8
who busted lahey and forced him to resign from the force
how many jroc porn films has bubbles appeared in
what is lahey and barb's daughters name
what is the name of the Boys operation in season 2
who is the parot that gets killed in season 8
what was jroc caught doing in season 3
who does corey work with from seasons 1-6
in season 5, ricky pretends to go to school, but actual is what?
who does barb marry after jim lahey
who marries Ricky and Lucy in season 1
name of randy and lucy's son
where is trinity's and jacob's baby born in season 9
bubbles loves kitties, but hates what?
who do the Boys smuggle dope to across the border into the US
what is trinity and jacob's son's name
where do the Boys keep their hash in season 5
jacobs father

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