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reviewer (2007-)
main guy;hosts 3 of the 4 major podcasts 
reviewer (2007-2010)
stopped being part of the reviews in 2010;still on 1 of the major podcasts 
reviewer (2007-)
also does one of the major podcasts 
also does one of the major podcasts 
robot; hosts 1 of the major podcasts and took place of Carlyle in reviews in 2010 
reviewer (2007-2008)
female reviewer who briefly was part of the crew 
podcast (2008-)
first weekly podcast from Spill;stars answer #1 and answer #2 with occasional Spill crew members recurring 
comic book, movie, and TV podcast with answers #3 and #4 
long podcast with answers #1 and #5 
podcast (2010)
short-lived spinoff of ACOCO where answers #1 and #2 look at the latest new video releases 
podcast (2010-)
Video game podcast led by answer #1 
rating (2007-)
highest of the six ratings; used on Dark Knight and District 9 
2nd highest of six ratings; used on True Grit 
3rd highest of six ratings 
4th highest of six ratings 
second lowest of six ratings 
rating (2008-)
lowest of six ratings; first used on Disaster Movie 
answer #9 mascot (2009-)
imaginary character used in the battle cry of answer #9 
theme song for answer #9 (2009-)
song used for the theme for answer #9 by Austrian Death Machine;based on a Schwarzenegger line 
occasional podcast (2008-)
podcast only used when answer #1 travels to England with Spill members from there 

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