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Forced Order
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What is Noel Khan allergic to?
Who is RedCoat
Where did Aria go for vacation with her family after Ali disappeared?
Who is Blackveil?
Who was Hanna's boyfriend in Season 1?
Who hit on?
Who did Aria date in Season 1 for a short time?
Where did Ezra and Aria meet?
Who was Emily's boyfriend in the start of Season 1?
Who do the girls follow to the frat party in Season 1?
What did Melissa want to name her baby?
What does NAT mean?
What page of Ali's autopsy report goes missing?
Who drags Wilden's body away after Ashley runs over him?
What's Ezra's favorite kind of pie?
Who buried Ali?
Who does Mona tell about her plan to fake her death?
Who is Board Shorts
Who was buried in Ali's grave?
Who was Spencer's half-brother
Who is Spencer's biological sibling
Who does Melissa kill?
Who killed?
Which two people dress up as Lady Gaga in a Halloween episode?
What's the name of the town where the creepy doll shop is?
What is the full name of the cafe were Emily works?
What does Toby's tattoo say?
What is the name of the bird who sings a phone number to Spencer?
What Olympic athlete stars in an episode in season 3?
Who's new album were the Liars talking about in the flashback of Season 1, Episode 1
What does Hanna steal in the very first episode of PLL?
What does Alison tell the girls she is throwing into Toby's garage in 'The Jenna Thing'?
What are the Liars studying for in ‘The Perfect Storm’?
What does Alison call Spencer when she catches her kissing Ian?
What is the title of the poem Ezra wrote for Aria?
How did Wesley Fitzgerald get kicked out of school?
Who pulled Ali out of her grave?
What is Nate St. Germain's real name
What is the name of the bird that sang Spencer the phone number?
Which play did Ezra direct in Season 1?
What is the name of the college that Ezra and Byron teach at?
What is Ezra's ex-fiancée's name?
What instrument does Noel Khan play?
What does Jenna have a collection of in her room?
Who was caught writing a book about the liars?
Pretty Little Liars the TV show is based on a series of novels by which author?
What color were the streaks in Aria's hair in the Pilot episode flashbacks?
What is Spencer's mom's job?
What city do the Liars live in?
Whose dead body does Aria wake up next to in a crate?
What is Ali's alias?
What sport does Mike play?
Who is Spencer's half brother
Who does -A force Hanna to dance with at the danceathon
What is Ezra Fitz's real last name?
What is Hanna's stepsister's name?
What is Hanna's stepmother's name?
What was Hanna's mean nickname when she was chubby?
Who did Aria have a secret crush on in the flashbacks?
What actress plays Aria?
What actress plays Emily?
What actress plays Hanna?
What actress plays Mona?
What actress plays Toby?
What actress plays Alison?

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