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Can you name the Top 20 of 2011 From 1/1/11-8/4/11?

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The new leading lady was a Victoria's Secret model1st
This movie broke over ten records in just one weekend2nd
The only reason why there is a sequel is because the original was a surprise hit in 20093rd
It didn't do as well as people thought in America but around the world it was a big hit4th
This movie made its fastest way to break the record of the highest grossing movie to be released in April of all time5th
The second worst grossing Pixar movie of all time6th
The first Marvel of the summer7th
Saturday Night Live gal pals! (And some other women)8th
The orgin of how one became a hero and the othee became a villain10th
One of the birds in this film were played by an Oscar nominee and the other was played by an Oscar host11th
Didn't this actor already play a marvel superhero?12th
There were so many famous people behind the making of this movie but the cast is pretty unknown13th
This goes on a list of one of Johnny Depp's most craziest parts14th
'In darkest day....15th
Katy Perry's bunny!16th
Okay, who really likes their boss17th
Broocklyn Decker's first movie18th
Romeo and Juliet retold in a strange new way19th
Its very unusual when the side-kick is much better the superhero. But its extremley unusual when the hero cant be heroic at all20th
She's a teacher who doesn't give an F21st
The action was pretty impresive but the dialoge is terrible22nd
What if you can use your full brain? Would you risk drinking blood?23rd
La! La! La! La! La! Sing a happy song! 24th
Adam Sandler is a monkey!25th
HintMoviePlace #
I will never ever ever ever see this movie! Look! I said never!26th
A Oscar winner and Demi Moor's husband make a friendly deal27th
A mixture of to genres28th
Jim Carry's crazy29th
Who is Liam Neeson?30th
You can control your fate if your Matt Dameon in a snazzy hat31st
Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon, Oscar winner Christopher Waltz and a vampire32nd
I didnt see this movie but I'm guessing it has nothing to do with President Lincoln33rd
Aliens killing alien teenagers in a certain order34th
You will die in eight minutes. Again and again and again.35th
These guys dont monkey around. Ha! Pun!36th
Its not the house thats haunted. Its your son.37th
Tyler Perry as his most famous character38th
This movie is so wimpy39th
A pop sensation and the girl from that 70's show's are also really friendly 40th
The most romantic city in the world at the most romantic time41st
If your best friend's wife is dating another guy then you have a...42nd
When your wife gives you a free-bee to date any girl you want then you got a...43rd
An inspiring true story about a girl who tries to battle her disavantage44th
'Seriously! Its like your photo-shopped!'45th
This girl is a killer!46th
Really! How many wedding movies are there this year!47th
Ghostface is back!48th
This movie is so weird! An undercover cop and his son dress up like ugly woman!49th
A fairy tale retold in a groosome way50th

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