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Can you name the Nicholas Sparks A-Z except X?

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Forced Order
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AMain female character in The Notebook
BThe setting in True Believer and At First Sight
CThe jealous ex-boyfriend in The Lucky One
DMain female character in The Rescue
EMain female character in The Lucky One
FMain male character's best friend in The Notebook
GMain male character in Message in a Bottle
HMain female character's last name in The Choice
IStation where main male character is stationed in The Lucky One
JMain female character in A Walk To Remember
KMain female character's son in The Rescue
LMain female character's middle name in Dear John
MMain male character in A Bend in the Road
NSetting of most Nicholas Sparks's books
OMain female character's last name in Message in a Bottle
PMain female character's dad's profession in A Walk to Remember
QWord that describes the setting in True Believer and At First Sight
RMain female character's nickname in The Last Song
SMain female character's dog in The Guardian
TDuration of Nicholas's trip with his brother
UCollege where the main female character in Dear John goes to
VMain male character's profession in The Choice
WSetting in Dear John and The Last Song
YDuration of how long the couple in Dear John were separated the first time John left
ZAmount of children that the couple in Message in a Bottle have

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