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ASerena's ex; Cyrus's son
BSerena's best friend
CNate's best friend; manwhore
DBoy from Brooklyn
ESerena's brother; tried to kill himself
FWhere the first episodes of Season 4 are filmed
GSerena's ex friend who tries to destroy her life
HWhere the cast spends summers at
ISerena and Blair's friend in Season 1
JDan's sister from Brooklyn; strives to fit in
KThe voice of Gossip Girl
LSerena and Eric's mom
MSeason 4 newcomer Katie Cassidy's previous show
NSetting of Gossip Girl
ODan's ex; famous movie star
PSerena's friend; Gabriel's girlfriend
QBlair's nickname at Constance
RDan and Jenny's dad from Brooklyn
SBlair's best friend; the 'It' girl
TLast name of actress who plays Georgina
UJack's relation to Chuck
VDan's best friend from Brooklyn; Nate's ex
WLast name of actor who plays Chuck
XLast words of almost every Gossip Girl episode
YBlair's dream school
ZLast name of the author of the Gossip Girl books

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