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What was the first name of the mayor of New York after whom La Guardia airport was named?
The agricultural economy of the Indian subcontinent is heavily dependent on which annual rainfall?
In 1790, the first American census recorded 3,929,214 people in the new country. Which was the most populous state at the time?
What is the name of the Jewish “Day of Atonement”?
At which film festival is the Palme D’or awarded?
IBM developed the first high-level computer programming language in 1957. What was the language called?
The making of what fine material is associated with Waterford, Ireland?
Who took over as U.S. president when John F Kennedy was shot?
What’s the French word for ‘lobster”?
Nephrology is the name for the study of what excretory organ?
Who is the classical composer responsible for “Le roi Lear,” “La mer” and “Jeux”?
C3, C4, and CAM are the three mechanisms used by plants in the fixation of what element?
What painting technique uses an emulsion consisting of water and pure egg yolk, or a mixture of egg and oil?
“Doctor Robert”, “Sexy Sadie”, and “Octopus’ Garden”, are all songs by what band?
The Wand of Hermes, a staff topped by two coiled serpents, is known by what name?
What was the name of Quebec City’s former NHL team?
In what musical do the protagonists sing “I Should Tell You” to reveal they are HIV-positive, and also has the song “Seasons of Love” in a retelling of the opera “La Boh
What leader of the Christian Democratic Union has been the longest-serving leader in the G7 and was first elected in 2005 as chancellor of Germany?
In 1975 the U.S. launched Viking I designed to explore what celestial body?
Name the first person to win Olympic gold in all five speed-skating events.
Name the female country singer whose first single was entitled “Tim McGraw.”
Not technically a part of continental Europe but still considered European, what capital city contains a large lake called the Tjornin?
What is the capital of Western Australia?
Sinology is the study of what country?
What body of water separates China from South Korea?
Rennet is a variety of what fruit?
What has the lowest melting point of any element?
In January 2001, what American female actor and singer was the first artist in the U.S. to have the #1 album and the #1 movie in the same week?
More than 900 Canadians were killed and 1,874 were taken prisoner at which 1942 battle?
How many players are there on each side during a game of water polo?
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