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Whose number 9 was retired by the Detroit Red Wings?
What Philadelphia teen idol’s biggest hit was the song “Venus” recorded in 1959?
For which Canadian paper did Ernest Hemingway once write?
Which French painter developed pointillism?
What is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom?
Name the smallest breed of dog.
Which continent has the highest population?
How many quarters are in $3.75?
Which landlocked country is bordered by France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein?
Made predominantly from jute, what coarse fabric has been used to tote coffee beans since the 18th century?
Milan is the home of which of Leonardo da Vinci’s major works?
What nickname refers to the pirate Edward Teach?
What term is used to describe land that stays frozen for at least two years?
Who was the first prime minister of India?
Whose plays include “The Glass Menagerie,” “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”?
What nerve connects the eye to the brain?
Vermilion is a shade of which colour?
At 59 square kilometres, what borough in New York City is the smallest in size?
The ending of the word “kindly” denotes what part of speech?
What is the largest prime number whose square is smaller than 100?
What sport features picadors, banderillos and a muleta?
What is a group of monkeys called?
How would I write the number 14 in Roman numerals?
If someone is “tatting” what are they making?
What is the name given to the branch of medicine associated with disorders of the blood?
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