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What play by Tom Stoppard deals with two characters from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”?
Home to such writers as Jonathon Swift, Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, what city was named a UNESCO City of Literature in 2010?
The capital of the Piedmont, this city was the original home of the Savoy dynasty of Italian monarchs.
What late author’s 6-decade collection of essays was published in 1999 under the title “Greetings, Carbon- Based Bipeds”?
Located 800 miles off Portugal’s coast, these islands belong to Portugal.
What islands lie between Iceland and the Shetlands?
What was the site where George Washington’s army spent the harsh winter of 1777–78?
What spice which makes mustard yellow, has anti-inflammatory properties which, when mixed with some cream or milk, can be used as an antiseptic for the skin?
Which of Shakespeare’s comedies features two sets of identical twins?
Name the flamboyant former furniture salesman who served as mayor of Toronto from 1997 to 2003.
In “Star Wars,” to what alien race does Chewbacca belong?
When Winston Churchill declared, “Never before have so many owed their lives to so few,” what group did he mean with the words “few”?
The 2013 documentary “The Square” follows a group of revolutionaries who risk their lives to build a new society in what African country?
Name and number please: In 1613, which Russian Tsar initiated the Romanov Dynasty?
Which racing video game series with a rhyming name includes games subtitled “Hot Pursuit”?
Forrest Whittaker plays the dictator of which landlocked country in the movie “The Last King of Scotland”?
Los Alamos was the name given to the research area set up to develop the atomic bomb in what U.S. state?
In Greek mythology, what nymph fell in love with Narcissus?
Which four-word phrase, commonly associated with Darwin’s theory of evolution, was actually coined by philosopher Herbert Spencer?
C3, C4, and CAM are the three mechanisms used by plants in the fixation of what element?
What is the remainder when the polynomial x cubed plus x squared plus x plus 1 is divided by x-1?
The name for a score of 'zero' is derived from the French word for 'egg' in what sport?
The name of what TV quiz show has its origins in the French term for a divided play or game?
Which romantic composer instructed that his heart be taken from his body and preserved after his death?
Which character asks “why are there so many songs about rainbows?” in the song “Rainbow Connection” in “The Muppet Movie”?
Which tusked marine mammal is on the coat of arms of Nunavut?
Which prime minister owned Irish Terriers named Pat I, Pat II and Pat III?
Who became prime minister of Canada in 1979?
At the age of 82, what veteran Canadian actor of stage and screen won his first Oscar for his role in the 2011 film “Beginners”?
In 1889, American inventor Herman Hollerith used similar punched cards to record and store data from what government project?
In which century did Michelangelo complete his famous fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
What alternative name of a snow leopard can also refer to one-sixteenth of a pound?
Literally 'divine wind', what was the name for special units of Japanese aviators who carried out suicide attacks against Allied ships?
What was the name of John Diefenbaker’s Saskatchewan riding?
By what name is Beethoven’s Sixth symphony known?
What isolated group of Canadian islands is often called the Misty Islands?
What 14th century plague was known at the “Black Death”?
What was the capital city of the former West Germany?
Which genus of herbivorous, four-legged dinosaur is known for its bony armour and the club-like bone structure on the end of its tail?
Marcel Marceau was probably the most famous of what kind of actor who is skilled at using gestures and actions but no words?
Which NHL hockey star holds, to date, the record for the greatest number of points obtained by a defenceman in one playoff year?
Who changed his name from Jorge Mario Bergoglio in March 2013, after taking over a religious office with a history of name-changers?
What character in Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” splutters, “If the law supposes that, the law is a ass -- a idiot!”?
Who was the prime minister of Great Britain at the time of Canadian Confederation in 1867?
What breed of cat takes its name from its country of origin, now known as Thailand?
Bobby Charlton played for which British soccer team for almost all of his career?
Which classic 1954 horror film saw giant mutated ants terrorizing Los Angeles?
What is the name of the 45-kilometre long mountain pass on the frontier between Afghanistan and Pakistan?
Besides yellow, magenta and black, what other colour is used in typical ink-jet printers in order to produce all colours?
Who wrote the play “Major Barbara”?

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