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Can you name the NBA Team By The College Each Member Of The Starting Lineup Attended?

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Duke (G), Brazil (F/C), Texas (F/C), Alabama (G/F), UNC (F/C)
Arizona State (G/F), Harvard (G), Turkey (C), Fresno State (F/C), Russia (F)
Memphis (G),Duke (F), Florida (C), Duke (F), Connecticut (G)
Wake Forest (F), Argentina (G), France (G), San Diego State (F), Brazil (C)
Michigan State (F), Ohio State (G), Spain (C), Oklahoma State (G), Kentucky (F)
Xavier (F), IUPUI (G), Fresno State (F), Georgetown (C), Cincinnati (G)
Florida (F/C), Davidson (G), North Carolina (F), Washington State (G), Latvia (C)
USC (G/F), Connecticut (F), Lithuania (C), Westchester High School (F/C), Villanova (G)
UCLA (G), Washington (C), Ohio State (G/F), Georgia Tech (F), Georgia (G/F)
Florida (C/F), Oak Hill Academy (F), Wisconsin (G), Wake Forest (G), Creighton (G/F)
Illinois (G), Stanford (C), Arkansas (G), Minnesota (F), Iowa (F)
Saint Joseph's (G), UCLA (G/F), USC (F/C), Tennessee (F), Yugoslavia (G)
St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (F), Marquette (G), Georgia Tech (F), Kansas (G), Florida (F)
Prentiss HS (C), Butler (G/F), Louisiana Tech (F), Villanova (G), Alabama (G)
SW Atlanta Christian Academy (C), Lower Merion HS (G), Santa Clara(G), St. Johns (F), Spain (F)
Kentucky (G), Connecticut (C), Brazil (F/C), Clemson (F), LSU (G)
Connecticut (G), Kentucky (F), Duke (G), Duke (F/C), Congo (F/C)
Memphis (G), Kentucky (C), Miami (G/F), Washington (G), Rider (F)
Kansas (F), Farragut Academy HS (F), Kentucky (G), Georgetown (F), LSU (F/C)
Italy (G),Lanier HS (G), Turkey (F), VCU (F/C), Auburn (G/F)
UCLA (F/C), Spain (G), Oregon (G), Russia (F), Arizona (F)
Duke (G), Cincinnati (F), Georgetown (C), Eastern Washington (G), Spain (G)
Argentina (F/C), Slovenia (G), Poland (C), Texas (F/G), Boston College (G/F)
Germany (F), UNLV (F), USC (G), Central Michigan (F/C), Duquesne (G)
Kentucky (F/C), Wake Forest (F), Stanford (C), Indiana (G), Maryland (G)
North Carolina (G), Arizona (G/F), Morehead State (F), Italy (F), Ohio State (F/C)
Oklahoma (F), Wake Forest (G), Connecticut (F), Texas A&M (C), Colorado (G)
Texas (F), Weber State (G), NC State (F/C), France (G/F), Marquette (G/F)
Texas (F), UCLA (G), Republic of Congo (F/C), Switzerland (G), Clifton J. Ozen HS (C)
Syracuse (F), Cypress Creek HS (F/C), California(G), Dominguez HS (C), North Carolina (G)

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