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Can you name the missing geographic locations from these movie titles?

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TitleMissing Location
Bridges Of _______ _______
Good Morning, _______
3000 Miles From _______
__.__. Confidential
Sleepless In _______
Fear And Loathing In _______ _______
Vicky Cristina _______
Gangs Of _______ _______
_______ Attacks!
Mr. Smith Goes To _______
An American Werewolf In _______
______ _______ Cop
Raising _______
_______ Dangerous
_______ Syndrome
TitleMissing Location
Last King Of _______
Things To Do In _______ When You're Dead
Blue _______
My Own Private _______
Bridge On The _______ _______
Once Upon A Time In _______
_______ Burning
Hotel _______
To The Shores Of _______
In _______
Pirates Of The _______
_______ Chainsaw Massacre
From _______ With Love
Sweet Home _______
_______ Girl

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