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Ch. 9
the collection of islands that make up what U.S. state is America's 'extinction capital'?
Indigenous people in much of West and Central Africa have sustainably hunted what for a source of food?
when a species can no longer be found anywhere on earth
natural, low rate of species extinction
percentage or number of species that go extinct within a certain time period
extinction of many species in a relatively short period of geologic time
has so few individual survivors that the species could soon become extinct
Ch. 9
has enough remaining individuals to survive in the short term, but because of declining numbers, it is likely to become endangered in the near future
limiting the long-term recovery of biodiversity by reducing the rate of speciation for some species
occurs when a large, intact area of habitat is divided into smaller, isolated patches or “habitat islands”
this legally commits participating governments to reducing the global rate of biodiversity loss and to equitably sharing the benefits from use of the world’s genetic resources (a
this act was designed to identify and protect endangered species in the United States and abroad (acronym)
this service is responsible for identifying and listing endangered and threatened ocean species (acronym)
when substantial preliminary evidence indicates that an activity can harm human health or the environment

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