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Ch. 22
the number of ways that urban areas grow
the world's second most populous city
most widely used form of mass transit within urban areas worldwide
creation and growth of urban and suburban areas
the rate of increase of urban populations
the growth of low-density development on the edges of cities and towns
areas dominated by dilapidated tenements and rooming houses where numerous people might live in a single room
Ch. 22
these kind of cities residents depend on motor vehicles for most travel
various parcels of land are designated for certain uses such as residential, commercial, or mixed use
one way to encourage more environmentally sustainable development that requires less dependence on cars, controls and directs sprawl, and reduces wasteful resource use
an open area reserved for recreation, sustainable forestry, or other nondestructive uses
when small groups of people come together to design and live in more sustainable villages in rural and suburban areas
the most widely used form of mass transit within urban areas worldwide

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