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The Axis Powers consisted of Germany, Italy, and ______
Prime Minister of England (Winston _____)
Adolf ______
This country sustained the heaviest losses in terms of man power
United States leader during the war up until his death
Bloodiest Russian battle
Of the Jews killed by Nazis, this country was the original home of most of the Jews killed
Part of Czechoslovakia Hitler annexed first
German military tactic (lightning fighting)
Italian leader
Italy attacked this neutral African country which provoked the Allies to impose economic sanctions
Hitler's homeland and first country to be annexed by Nazi Germany
This pre-World War II caused Hitler and Mussolini to join forces
Most tragic bombing of Dresden by Allied bombs
Part of France that appeased Hitler to keep autonomy
French wall that Hilter went around
This American port was bombed, leading the US to enter the war
Another term for D Day
Head of Hitler's propaganda
Term that describes the Allies response to Hitler's early territorial ambitions
At this conference, Hitler claimed he did not wish to add any more territory to Germany
German air force
'Desert Fox'
By invading this country Mussolini directed Hitler's ambitions away from the USSR
Germany's last major offensive on the Western front
The Soviets beat the Allies to this key German city, resulting in Hitler's suicide
Hitler wanted a Third _____ (Empire)
_______ Conference (Nazi plan the final solution)
_______ Laws (start of widely accepted Jewish discrimination)
Title of the German invasion into the USSR (Operation _________)
Attempt by Nazi insiders on Hitler's life (Operation ______)
Battle in North Africa that exposed the 'soft underbelly of Europe'
The 'soft underbelly of Europe'
The Big Three met in this city in Iran to prepare for peace
Churchill boosted British moral during the Battle of London through this outlet
Prime Minister of UK preceding Churchill
Jim ______ (economist that supported government intervention in capitalism)
Operation _________ (attempted takeover of Great Britain by Germany)
The rescuing of British/French troops by transporting them to England via donated boats)
Last Nazi offense on the Eastern front
Operation Iskra stopped the Nazi seige of this USSR city
Jews were first moved by Nazis to ________ to contain them before being sent to other camps
The destruction of Jewish businesses, burning of synagogues, looting over the course of one night
Hitler's pure race
Russian general at the Battle of Stalingrad
Hitler retook this part of Germany without firing a shot
Nazi armed forces
Head of SS (Heinrich _______)

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