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Can you name the World War I and After Effects?

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Murdered along with his wife, heir to Austrian throne
Triple Entente: England, France, and ______
Kaiser ________
Tsar _________
The ________ Plan (German)
The Western Front was fought primarily in this country
American President _______
Fascist leader
Lenin's right hand man, eventually assassinated
Took over Russia during the revolution, communists
________ warfare (during WWI)
League of ______
Three Emperors' League: Austria-Hungry, Russia, and ______
Revolutionist snuck into Russia by Germany
Took over Russia as dictator ('man of steel')
Mein Kampf author
Versailles Treaty: France's Georges ______
Versailles Treaty: England's David Lloyd _____
Unintended consequence: Spanish ______
Central Powers vs. the ______
Joined the Allies after Russia left
Germans marched through ______ to get to France while following the Schlieffen Plan
Cause: _______ System
Wilson's _______ Points
_______ Republic (controlled Germany after war)
Treaty of _______ (ended WWI)
Cause: (colonies)
Country of assassin of Archduke of Austria
Unintended Consequence: Modern ______ (middle east)
Planner of the Battle of Gallipoli (British)
______ Shirts (SA)
_______ Accord (agreement between pope and Mussolini)
_____ Entente (France alliance with new democratic states)
Only successful democracy in eastern Europe
War _____ Clause (blamed Germany for WWI)
What Germany had to pay to the Allies
The end of the Liberal Party gave rise to the ______ party
All (but 1) eastern European democracies turned into ______
French invasion of the ______ (Germany)
National Socialist German Worker's Party nickname
Anti-_____ (dislike of Jews)
Beer Hall ______ (led by Hitler and Ludendorff)
The _____ Plan (by America for Germany)
_______ Agreements (Germany back in European politics)
Fascism rose out of hatred for this economic policy
German submarines sunk the ______ which caused the death of 118 Americans
Unintended Consequence: Russian ______
Russian Revolution slogan 'Peace, Land, ____'
Opposed the Bolsheviks (the _____ Army/Russians)
________ Empire collapsed (sick man of Europe)

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