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German banking family
Responsible for French invasion of Italy
Castiglione's book on court conduct
Florentine ruling family
Author of the Book of Common Prayer
Artist that painted the School of Athens
The 'Father of Humanism'
Calvinist belief that only the elect will go to heaven
Author of 'In Praise of Folly'
French Calvinists
Inventor of the printing press
Catholics that disagreed with the Jesuits
Indulgences were sold to built St. Peter's ________
Martin ______
Genevan theocracy was led by ________
Seller of indulgences, clashed with Luther
Holy Roman Emperor during the Reformation
Ruling family of HRE, Spain, Austria, etc.
____ Theses
_________ Colloquy
Followers of the Society of Jesus
'Spiritual Exercises' author
Pope during the Reformation (Luther era)
The Council of _____
Christopher _______
'Utopia' author
Monk that controlled Florence as a dictator, destroyed the arts
_____ de Medici (monk exiled by above monk)
The study and appropriation of the ideals expressed in Latin and Greek classics and other works of antiquity
Where Luther posted the 95 Theses (_____, Germany)
Where Zwingli spread Protestantism
Henry of __________
Edict of ______
St. _________'s Day Massacre
Ended the Thirty Years' War
King ________ of Sweden
Defenestration of _______
The _________ Wind (credited with the destruction of the Spanish Armada)
Duke of _____ (in the Netherlands but Spanish)
William the ______
Bloody ______
Mother of Queen Elizabeth
__________ League (Catholics against the spread of Protestantism)
The Peace of _________ granted Lutherans recognition by the Catholic church
'Here I stand': Luther's statement at the __________
_____ II of Spain (ultraCatholic)
Act of _______ (by Elizabeth to undo Catholic Mary's antics)
Council of _____ (Netherlands under Spanish rule)
Henry the VIII established the ______ church in England
The pope would not ______ Henry VIII's marriage(s)
English pirate allowed to raid Spanish ships by Elizabeth
Elizabeth's advisor (Sir William ____)
Scottish Protestant reformer
Protestant religious denomination of Scotland
Elizabeth marked the end of the _____ dynasty in England
Luther's motto: 'justification by ______ alone'
Protestant separatists who feared persecution due to their belief of adult baptism
_________ Plot (the plan to kill Elizabetha and replace her with Mary)
Father of the Borgia siblings (most corrupt pope ever)
Linear _______ and chiaroscuro developed during the Renaissance
________ the Magnificent

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