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_____ of Arc
(1302) Church doctrine that stated church power was superior to secular power
The papacy moved to _______, France under Clement V
_________ Captivity of the Church
Hussites were inspired by ______
Disease originally spread by rats and fleas
French direct tax on peasantry
French peasant revolt after rising taxes
Title of a lord's knight (the lord's ______)
Jan Hus and Joan of Arc were executed for ______
Country first hit by the Black Death
Author of Decameron
People who whipped themselves during the Plague outbreak to repent for their sins
Workers bound to manors
English law limiting the wages for peasants after/during the Plague
Townspeople term
Event when at one time there was two popes
English King who started war by asserting claim to the French throne
Term for land given by a lord to his knight
French town of wool producers that was fought over
Council of representatives of France that discussed problems in the country
English archer's formidable weapon
France had ____ times the population of England
_____ Years' War
Battle of ______, which secured British control of Calais
Duchy of _______, which helped the British
Ghengis Khan was the only successful conqueror of ______
Joan of Arc led the French to victory at ______
Council that tried Joan of Arc
Religious conquests of the Middle East by Europeans
Pope Innocent III expanded his control through this term, where if you ignore the pope you ignore God
Early religious reformers in England
Pope's removal of people from the church (outside of the church/God)
This movement sought to govern the church as a council
Council of ______ which allowed Bohemians jurisdiction over their church

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