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Can you name the French Revolution, Napoleon, Romanticism Review

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Finance minister of Louis XVI that was liked by the French people
Movement of revolts along the French countryside
Marched to Versailles over bread prices
Government created by the Third Estate
_______ de Gouges (beheaded)
Execution device of the French Revolution
Cult of ________
Carribean French colony that revolted
Leader of the Reign of Terror
Prison torn down by revolutionaries
Committee of _________
Madame Deficit
French aristocrats that fled and tried to cause a counterrevolution
Document commissioned by National Assembly
Radical club that emerged
Beheaded king of France
Military draft
September ________
Long pant wearers and radicals
List of grievances to Louis XVI
Marie Antoinette's home nation
Government before Napoleon
Edmund _____ (criticized Revolution)
Assembly called into action by Louis XVI
Voice of revolution through his newspaper (stabbed in his bathtub)
Napoleon's first dictitorial title
________ Reaction (after revolution)
Congress of ______
Jacques ______ (executed, rallied men to join army)
Napoleon rose to power through a ______
Spanish revolt against Napoleon
Author of 'What is the Third Estate?'
Russian general (wanted to let the winter defeat Napoleon)
Napoleon's attempt to block English goods from ports
Napoleon sparked liberalism and _______
Napoleon's first wife
Napoleon's enacted laws (a civil code)
Napoleon's equal on land (especially in Spain)
Napoleon's final defeat
Decisive battle victory for Napoleon against Russia and Austria (starts with an a)
Methodist leader
Policy used by retreating Russians
Wrote Faust
Napoleon's enemy in naval confrontations (British Admiral)
The Civil Constitution of the ______
Napoleon's invasion of ______ (blunder)
Family name of Louis XVI
Klemens von ________ (lead Congress of Vienna)

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