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Targeted victims of witch hunts: midwives, widows, and _______
Term for a culture in which books, journals, etc. achieved a status of their own
Galileo supported this astronomer's heliocentric theory
Hobbes' ideal government
Immanuel _____ (philosophe that criticized European Empires)
Church endorsed theory of the universe
Centers where philosophes shared and popularized their works
Discoverer of gravity
Healers that used 'witch craft' to heal people
Other religion (besides Judaism) that was heavily criticized by philosophes
Group that did not believe in God
Philosophe that believed the form of government depended on a set of factors
Arguably the most radical pessimistic philosophe that greatly impacted the French Revolution
Condemned astronomer by the Church
Church form of art
Blaise ________ (believing in God will not harm you)
Institution that received the most criticism by philosophes
Theory that placed God as a divine clockmaker
Denis Diderot's censored work
Term for rationalized religion
Father of Empiricism
Mary __________ (female Enlightened thinker)
Most influential philosophe of the period
Tycho Brahe's assistant and successor
Religious toleration or prejudice?
New art based on the Renaissance and classical works
Created method of rational deduction
Baruch ______ (Jew that pushed for secularized Judaism)
Philosophe who believed we had the right to life, liberty, and property
Learn through observations
William ______ (discovered that blood circulated)
Philosophe concerned with criminal law
Only Enlightened Realm at the time
Adam ______ (founder of laissez-faire)
Margaret ________ (only woman allowed to visit a meeting of the Royal Society of London in the 17th century)
New form of art that portrayed a more playful side to Europeans
Blank page (Locke's belief)
Anti-______ (movement that criticized the New World's source of labor)
Writers and critics that favored change
Author of Leviathan

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