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Painter of 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'
Enlightened ruler of Russia
'I am the ________' (Louis XIV)
_________ Sanction
Ruled after the Glorious Revolution
Basis of Power of Absolute monarchs
Cardinal _________ (statesman)
England's regicide victim
Defenestration of _________
William of __________
Lost the Great Northern War
Austria's territory that Prussia invaded
Treaty of __________ ( War of Spanish Succession)
William of Orange's title in Holland
Austrian nobility
Most profitable new world crop
French Rebellion that influenced a young Louis XIV
Islamic _______ Empire
Grand _______ against Louis XIV
England vs. ________ (always)
First phase of the 30 Years War
Thomas _________ (Revolutionary writer)
Russian nobility
Armed Russian soldiers
Prussia's Enlightened monarch
Louis XIV's palace
Catherine the Great's philosophe buddy
Spanish Trade Ships
Austrian serf's unpaid labor term
Style of architecture seen in St. Peter's Basillica
'No _________ without representation'
Economic system based on size of a country's bullion
The only fully republican country
Document outlining Parliament's rights while Charles I ruled
________ veto (Poland)

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