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Charles _______ (theory of natural selection)
Anti- ______ (Jewish)
The Irish Question was over . . .
Art form focused on leisure of the middle class
Author of 'A Room of One's Own'
Creator of ID, superego, ego theory
fluxuation and removal of accepted norms, chaos
Endorser of Kulturkampf
Pope Pius IX started papal _______
Believed morality was only a human convention
Creator of the theory of relativity
The Contagious Diseases Act targeted
Led Italian Unification
The earliest successful women's sufferage movement occured in . . .
French leader during Italian and German unification
Dual Monarchy
Henry _______ (production of steel)
Driving forces towards German unification according to Bismarck
Disease linked to sewage
England's most influential socialists (The _____ Society)
________ Affair (Jewish racism)
Succeeded Tsar Alexander III, poor control over country
Ended the Concert of Europe
This new country upset the balance of power
Theodor Herzl's dream was to build a state of all ______
Believed the basic feature of modern social life was bureaucratization
Art movement led by Pablo Picasso and Goerges Braque
Defended Dreyfus and wrote about non conventional topics
Telegram Bismarch tampered with to start war
Bloody ______ (tensions between Russians and government)
Father of Modern Science Fiction
Karl Marx and the First ___________
white collar workers made up the ______
Freud's student who disagreed with him over sexual drives
Henrik Ibsen carried realism into the presentation of ________
Led movement to repeal Contagious Diseases Acts
Widespread literacy was due to better _______ education
Falloux Law of 1850 was enacted in ______
Wilhelm Roentegen discovered _____
Artist of :'A Sunday Afternoon'

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