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Opening NightMusicalLyrics
4/28/1988'But in the end he needs a little bit more than me; more security... I know him so well.'
4/29/1996'When you're living in America at the end of the millennium, you're what you own.'
12/7/2006'I slept with someone who handled Kurt Cobain's intervention. A fact which all too often, he's all too glad to mention.'
12/1/1971'No, have the baby but lie to the baby. Tell the baby his father was the emperor of Milan.'
4/28/1997'And I was unafraid. The dream was so exciting but now I see it fade and I am here alone.'
4/15/2009'Superboy and the Invisible Girl Son of Steel and Daughter of Air'
4/22/1993'That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball'
10/13/2010'Life sucks! And my life sucks in particular'
10/22/1978'Up till now my time of trial seemed far away. I barely even thought about it.'
3/21/2001 (Off-Broadway)'Then we'll get a three bedroom house with a white picket fence and a gun... and a lawyer. So smile!'
4/42/2010'Drain the pressure from the swelling. This sensation's overwhelming'
2/28/2008'Amsterdam. The enlightened aren't frightened, We let untamed spirits roam.'
10/12/1971'People who are hungry, people who are starving, they matter more than your feet and hair!'
Opening NightMusicalLyrics
10/23/1972'Wouldn't you rather be a left-handed flea? A crab on a slab at the bottom of the sea than a man who never learns how to be free? Not 'til he's underground.'
12/20/1981'Sittin' home waitin' on a man who ain't coming ain't no party... No, no no!'
1/13/1968 (Off-Broadway)'The beautiful people must see beautiful flowers from their beautiful ivory towers.'
3/9/2008'I used to think we lived at the top of the world when the world was just a subway street map.'
5/14/1978'Everyone should have something to point to, something to be proud of... look what I did'
12/10/2006'Thought is suspect and money is their idol and nothing is okay unless it's scripted in their Bibles'
5/12/1988'I’m not alone. Speaking his name, I never felt such power before. I’m not alone anymore.'
1/5/1975'And I've learned that we must look inside our hearts to find a world full of love. Like yours. Like mine. Like home.'
7/27/1982 (Off-Broadway)'Just a punk, he was a forgotten so-and-so then one day... Crash! Kerplunk! Don't it go to show ya never know?'
4/11/1991'They are the living reminders of all the good we failed to do but we know deep in our hearts that they are all our children too.'
4/25/1993'Say it's just pretend. Say it's just the end of an old movie from years ago. From an old movie with Marilyn Monroe.'
6/7/1972'Freddy my love, I miss you more than words can say'

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