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Opening NightMusicalLyrics
4/25/1985'If you took a notion I'll bet you could teach a hog to smoke a cigarette. Well, it might take a little bit of time but hell, what's time to a hog?'
6/19/1978 'We're gonna whomp and stomp and a-whoop it up tonight. Those little gals won't ever, ever be the same.'
9/7/2001 (Off-Broadway)'I'm just a fool who couldn't see the forest for the trees, that is until the day you came along. And now that outbound train has one less passenger. It's here in these wide woods that I belong.
7/8/1982'Bless your beautiful hide wherever you may be. We ain't met yet but I'm a willin' to bet you're the gal for me.'
3/21/2013'I'm gone, so far away. Gone, like yesterday. Gone. So fast so far gone... like a shooting star.'
2/4/1982'We'll cavort like porpoises; Snorkel on the coral reef of the deep blue sea. And if the weather is hell, we'll hang around the motel makin' love and watchin' color T.V.'
10/9/1976'I guess you wonder why I let this rich man by and passed up all his money with a smile. A sitting duck, you say, I let him get away. Well, the answer is I steal with style.'
Opening NightMusicalLyrics
11/15/1956'Them bones, them bones gonna rise again. Gonna excercise a franchise again. Gonna tax us up to our eyes again, when he gets them off of their thigh bone'
10/19/2009'I couldn't even try to run away, say goodbye. Here I was born and here is where I'll die I'm just a man from Tennessee. I can't be what I can't be.'
4/30/2009'I might look artificial but where it counts I'm real. Yes, I can see how I could be misjudged upon first glance but even backwoods Barbies deserve a second chance.'
3/11/1997 (Off-Broadway)'If it's too dark to see with the naked eye, will you bring me to light?'
4/22/1999'Now the battle is near and the moment is here. It's the Union forever when the Blue meets the Gray, every rebel will pay by the sword.'
1/7/1975'Next to lovin, I likes fightin' I likes fightin', it's exciting! Next to lovin' I likes fightin' best.'
5/10/1994'I'm leavin' Texas and the more that I been thinkin' I have to come right out and say I ain't too sad.'

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