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Can you name the Democrat or Republican Celebrities?

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CelebrityDemocrat (D) or Republican (R)
Clint Eastwood
Michael J Fox
Alan Jackson
Tom Brady
Demi Moore
Jennifer Aniston
Shannen Doherty
The Dixie Chicks
Natalie Portman
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Adam Sandler
Faith Hill
Hulk Hogan
Melissa Joan Hart
Oprah Winfrey
Alice Cooper
Jon Voight
Hilary Duff
Jenna Jameson
Willie Nelson
CelebrityDemocrat (D) or Republican (R)
Don King
Gloria Estefan
Harrison Ford
James Earl Jones
Andre Agassi
Rachel Hunter
Robert Duvall
Brad Pitt
Meat Loaf
Tom Selleck
Bruce Willis
Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Garner
Kelsey Grammar
Lady Gaga
Mel Gibson
Tim McGraw
Wayne Newton
Tony Danza
Meryl Streep

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