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I don't know how you kept me up last night
Don't talk let me think it over
He's read every comic he's addicted to Twilight
You don't need him I'll help you get over it
Turn off the radio those late night TV shows
She said to me forget what you thought
Can I call wake you up on a Sunday?
Rewind to the start before it all went wrong
I bite my tongue, but I wanna scream out
Don't wanna be a victim of authority, I'll always be apart of the minority
HintSong Title
Hitting every red light, kissing at the stop signs
You just smiled and told them trouble
I play guitar but she's into drummers
When we both wake up underneath the same sun
I've got the worst intentions, so call me over set me free
Hey we're taking on the world
Its been two years now, and you haven't even seen the best of me
Everyday it's the same all the games that you play
Michael wants another slice
Drinking all the way to third base

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