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Who did not get to try at least 4 burgers in 'The Best Burger in New York?'
Who does not change their job?
Which character got dumped on her birthday in both HIMYM and Friends?
What object in Barney's apartment do you have to move in order to unveil 'The Playbook'
How many pieces of furniture break that Ted built in the episode 'Karma?'
What was Lily's intervention for?
Where do Ted and barney meet?
What did Ted bring home from the Renaissance Faire?
In reference to this show, what are 'the Minnesota Twins?'
Alyson Hannigan's real-life husband plays...
Neil Patrick Harris has a husband, and he plays…
Which character is the real-life husband of Cobie Smulders, and part of the SNL Family?
Who refers to Ted as Schmosby?
What is associative regression referred to by the Gang?
One main character that is not a part of the 5 main characters is played by someone who has won a Grammy for a Broadway show… and he/she is...
Swarley was a nickname given to Barney. Who originally called him Swarley?
What does Honey tell Marshall that is of great importance?
''Van Smoot' is referenced 3 times. The Van Smoot House, Jefferson Van Smoot and...
What is the name of the card Ted charges the champagne to in the episode 'No Tomorrow?'
Lily, Ted and Barney all tried 'The Naked Man' on the same night. Since it only works 2 out of 3 times, who did it not work for?
Who suggests Superfreakonomics to play at Barney and Robin's wedding?
What show brought Neil Patrick Harris to fame?
What was Robin trying to hide when she told Ted she was married?
Dawson's Creek's main character plays this not-so-main character on HIMYM...
What is a common factor in the 2 Robin SPARKLES (Daggers not included) music videos.
What song is stuck on Marshall's car radio?
February 13 is what holiday in HIMYM-land?
The character 'Darren' is also on another hit show that is on HBO. That show is...
What did Jason Segel have to quit in real life in order to be Alyson's on-screen boyfriend/fiance/husband?
Who is the first mutual connection between Ted and his future wife?
If you were on a date, and you knew early on that it was going no where, which of Barney's rules could be your saving grace?
What?! There was another grammy winner on the show… this person thought Barney proposed to her.
Who is the only lead cast member to have won an award for their role on HIMYM?
How many dates does Anita say you must wait until you can have sex with someone?
Because Barney couldn't perform all of the hibachi techniques at Shinjitsu, he has to ...
What did the slutty pumpkin write her number on?
Who had to drop Ted's class because he couldn't believe her/his name was legitimate?
Who did Ted meet on WOW (World of Warcraft)?
What song does James sing with his newly-discovered father?
Spoiler Alert! Name the bad habits of the group that were revealed in the episode 'SPOILER ALERT.' (Name at least one)
Who labels many of their belongings?
What does Robin do to help Marshall get over Lily?
Barney said in 'Monday Night Football' that he won't wear a suit on this occasion, even though he contradicts that statement in 'Last Words.'
What are the names of Ted and Tracy's kids?
Another grammy-winning guest star played a character who was playing Ted. She was...

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