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a little helpthe Best answera little help
Older Brother
Younger Brother
Yellow eyes
Actor who plays Dean's real full name*hint* J.A.
Actor who plays Castiel's real full namehint* M.C.
seasons of supernatural (in 2011)
what did sam come back from hell without in season 6
Dean's girlfriend mauled by hellhounds
Owner of the road house
Computer genius who is now in heaven
popular series made fun of in season 6
returns from hell in season 4
addicted to demon blood
song that plays every season finale
demon that sam leaves dean for
sold his soul to yellow eyes
like a father to sam and dean
Mother of all
Cousin dean stabbed
Sam is named after...
Episode all about Bobby Singer
Episode about Dean's fears*very funny season 5*
Episode when Dean became death for a day
a little helpthe Best answera little help
Episode when sam and dean do back to the old west
Writer of the Supernatural books (prophet)
Angel that befriends dean but looses his grace in season 7
Name of the monster 'SKIN'
Sam and Dean's younger brother
Dean was diguised as a ____ in the episode 'After school special'
Supernatural aired in
Sam's girlfriend that died in season 1
Demon that possesed sam
Died many times in 'Mystery Spot'
king of hell
sam gets bad luck in the episode______*hint* season 3
Dean's car is an
T or F: Sam said yes to Lucifer
T or F: Dean marries Lisa
T or F: Ben is dean's son
T or F: Sam went around souless for an entire season
T or F: Castiel pulled dean out of hell
T or F: Dean is scared of Planes
When is Sam's birthday?*hint* six months after his birthday(November 2) yellow eyes killed his mother
a special child (season 2)* saw sam die*
a special child (season 2)*shot himself*
a special child that stabbed sam* opened the Devil's gate*

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