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Can you finish these lyrics from songs by The Hooters?

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Forced Order
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LyricsFinished LyricsSong
Oh, nervous night, (2)
Expressions tell everything, (5)
Open up your eyes girl, (6)
But the last thing you said (5)
Did you think I could ever forget (6)
Nothing lasts forever, (3)
Freedom has its ups and downs (6)
So jump in the river and (3)
LyricsFinished LyricsSong
Lost in the summer of burning desire (7)
Someday soon we will meet again (9)
No one ever spoke to Noah (6)
We're leaving it all behind (5)
She could dance all night and (6)
Tell me why is it so hard to say (5)
From the town that rocked the nation, (2)

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