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QUIZ: Can you name these signs?

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'X' handshape pulled down in front of mouth
'O' handshape, draw a '7' in the air
Fist meets your forehead
Base and active hands face each other and wave, (base hand is higher)
'X' handshape on side of face, twist wrist forwards
'R' handshape, shake
'D' handshape, shake
Five handshape, thumb touches chest and hand shakes
'P' handshape on both hands, forward circles
Five handshape, thumb touches forehead then chest
Middle finger pointed at chest, move hand up twice
Fingertips of both hands touch pectorals
Fingers join and move in a circle going outward
Two flat 'O's, fingertips touch twice
'B' handshape, shake and move outward

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