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Show DescriptionShow TitleYears Aired
An alien is sent on a fake mission to Earth to get him away from his leaders.(2001-2002, 2005-2006)
Show about the nautical adventures of an undersea sponge.(1999-)
Show about a robot called X-J9 trying to fit in while saving the Earth. (2003-2009)
Two teens become step brothers.(2004-2007)
A KaBlam! spin-off show about a superhero league of dolls and action figures.(2001-2002)
Animated show about a spy family.(2005-2006)
Show about 3 teens and their webshow.(2007-2012)
The story of a young boy who reawakens and is destined to bring balance to the world.(2005-2008)
Spin-off of the 2006 movie about party farm animals.(2007-2011)
A show with puppets about two teen boys working at a fast food restaurant in a mall.(2006-2007)
Animated show about a 10 year old and his fairies.(2001-)
A kid gives his advice about surviving middle school.(2004-2007)
Who's got the chalk?(2002-2008)
Show DescriptionShow TitleYears Aired
An animated show following a girl and her two friends as they try to fit in at school.(2000-2006)
Show about the life of a tween rock band that's... naked?(2007-2009)
A show about a kid who has the ability to turn into a ghost and save the world.(2004-2007)
The misadventures of a conjoined dog and cat.(1998-2005)
Britney Spears' younger sister stars in this show about a girl enrolled in a private boarding school. (2005-2008)
Short lived show about a kid who raps in a band with his three siblings.(2003-2006)
Show that follows a Mexican superhero child raised by his superhero father and supervillian grandfather.(2007-2008)
The misadventures of a boy genius and his friends in a town called Retroville.(2002-2006)
The rugrats gang as preteens.(2003-2008)
Four friends and their daily lives of playing extreme sports, surfing, and getting into some crazy situations.(1999-2004)
A Honeybee scout attempting to win every last badge.(2008-2011)
Three cats inherit a large amount of fortune along with a giant mansion and a butler named Hovis.(2005-2007)

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