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Captain of squad 2
What colour is Yachiru's hair?
What is the name of the duck soul candy?
Translate: Haineko
What spell is Hado 4?
What does [answer 5] mean?
When is Rukia's birthday?
What are Byakuya's white headpieces called?
When Renji was in squad 11, what seat was he?
Zaraki is district number..
What seat is Hanataro Yamada?
What flower is the insignia of Squad 13?
Who is the sister of Kiyone?
What is Byakuya's Bankai?
Which squad was Yoruichi the captain of?
What kind of rock are the walls of the Seireitei made of?
Which side of Yumichika Ayasegawa's face are his eye and eyebrow decorations?
Renji's favourite food?
Mod Souls were the product of Operation _______?
First name of Orihime's brother
Hollow who killed Ichigo's mother
Sport played by Tatsuki?
Kensei's lieutenant?
What is Chad's parakeet (or the person inside it) called?
Which of Ichigo's sisters plays football?
Who does Ichigo see about a flower crane cannon?
Who is 市丸 ギン ?
Lieutenant of squad 7?
The second Bleach movie centres around who?
What colour are Gin Ichimaru's eyes? (In the manga)
Who was the first Bleach character conceived by Tite Kubo?
Last name of Orihime's best friend?
Hanataro's Zanpakuto name?
Colour of Yuzu's cat friend?
Karakura Pink?
Secret Training Ground is under?
First Captain Chad fights?
一番隊 is the Kanji for which squad?
Suzumushi belongs to..
Kanzen Saimin means
Second form of a Zanpakuto?
Kaien's wife?
First name of Byakuya's grandfather?
Hadō 31 Shakkahō's English name?
First opening theme?
Lieutenant of squad 10?
Who is the cover of the 3rd manga?
Grimmjow's Number?
Arrancar's dangerous ability, also known as 'Hollow Flash'?
Ichigo's age in episode 1?

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