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Can you name the Can you match these key concepts to their theories / theorists?

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Key ConceptCorrelating Concept
Theorist behind Communication Privacy Management Theory
Theorist behind Media Ecology Theory
'Women perceive the world differently than men'
Theorist behind Uncertainty Reduction Theory
A minority subsuming under a dominant opinion is an example of this
Origins in Nazi Germany
Theorist behind Social Penetration Theory
'relationships move along a linear path'
Theorist behind Muted Group Theory
Theorist behind Communication Accomodation Theory
Theorist behind Face-Negotiation Theory
Theorist behind Groupthink
Theorist behind Symbolic Interaction Theory
Theorist behind Spiral of Silence Theory
Theorist behind Symbolic Interaction Theory (2)
Theorist behind Speech Theory of Human Communication
Key ConceptCorrelating Concept
This theory is often analogized as an onion
Consubstantiation is a concept within this theory
Theorist behind Dramatism
This theory was developed at the University of Iowa and University of Chicago
This theorist believed guilt to be the prime driver of human interest and action
'highly cohesive groups fail to consider alterantives that may resolve group delemmas'
This theorist created the notion of 'media epochs'
Theorist behind Relational Dialectics Theory
Theorist behind Expectancy Violations Theory
Helical-spiral view of communication
'The Medium is the Message'
Theorist behind Narative Paradigm
'humans are natural storytellers'
Privacy-transparency, novelty-predictability and autronomy-connectedness are tensions described in this theory
Proxemic Zones

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