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Can you answer these fifty-five difficult questions about Undertale?

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What food stops Muffet from fighting?
What two characters love cooking?
What randomly encountered enemy cannot attack?
What is Napstablook's snail racing game called?
How many songs are in the Undertale Soundtrack?
What is the name of the Waterfall shopkeep?
What do you drink at Undyne's house before her cooking lesson?
What is the name of the normal-speaking Temmie?
What weapon do you originally begin with?
What does Papyrus' shirt say on it?
What value in the game's files causes strange things to happen when changed?
What enemy's neck will elongate infinitely?
What are the creatures Alphys keeps in the True Lab called?
Who is the only monster left in Snowdin during the Genocide Route?
What item do you get from Undyne after you drop the letter she gives you?
What is Alphys' favorite anime?
What does Flowey call bullets the first time you meet him?
What is Undyne's UnderNet username?
Atop what mountain is the barrier?
What does Sans think kids like you should be doing on days like these?
Where do Bratty and Catty find their items?
What does Napstablook call his hat made of his tears?
What is the Genocide Route version of the Mad Dummy?
What is Papyrus' UnderNet username?
What is the strongest armor in the game?
What is the name of Onionsan's band?
What are umbrellas a bad combination with?
Who stole Toriel's phone?
What armor do you originally begin with?
What are the subtitles of the three 'dating songs' in the soundtrack?
What does Napstablook offer you to eat while in his house?
What was the original name for Undertale?
What instrument does Undyne play?
What does the Snowdin Library's sign say?
What are the names of the three CDs in Napstablook's House?
What month and year was Undertale released in?
Which two songs from the soundtrack are never played in-game?
What is the strongest weapon in the game?
Who is Mettaton's cousin?
What can't Temmie do in the Genocide Route?
What is the name of the character on the Monster Kidz Word Search?
Who is talking to you when you fall into the Garbage Dump?
Oh, it's the wrong number! The wrong number song!
What text appears when checking Temmie's stats?
What is the name of the final song in the Undertale Soundtrack?
What is the only boss that turns your soul purple?
What armor regenerates health every turn?
What is the first weapon you acquire in-game?
What instrument does Sans play?
Mettaton quiz time! Aren't you excited?
What answer to Mettaton EX's quiz gives you the most points?
According to Mettaton, who does Alphys have a crush on?
What name does Mettaton find sexy?
What form of Mettaton can only be encountered on the Genocide Route?
Final Question! What is the name of the song playing during the Mettaton jetpack sequence?

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