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What is Jacksfilms' real name?
What does PMS stand for on Jack's channel?
Who is Jack's girlfriend?
What does YIAY stand for?
What does YGS stand for?
Which of Jack's facial features is made most fun of?
Who is Jack's number one sponsor?
Fill in the blank: Jacksfilms has finally surpassed __ subscribers.
What is the name of Jack's second channel?
Which series has the most entries?
What is Jack's most viewed video?
Name one of Jack's discontinued series.
Can the Magical iPad fit in a manila envelope?
What character sings to Billy about murder and violence?
What is Jack's dog's name?
What is the most anticipated game of 2015?
What was the video people had waited for from Jack for eight months?
What YouTuber is made fun of most on YGS?

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