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Forced Order
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Main Characters (Good)
The playable character 
The ruler of the first area 
The undisputed king of puns 
The newest member of the Royal Guard 
The leader of the Royal Guard 
The fourth area's scientist 
Main Characters (Evil)
The main antagonist 
The king's son 
The first and last enemy fought 
The Underground's television sensation 
The only other human mentioned by name 
Main Areas
The first area in the game 
The second area in the game 
The third area in the game 
The fourth area in the game 
The fifth area in the game 
The sixth and final area in the game 
Battle Options
Displayed with a sword 
Displayed with a sound wave 
Displayed with a bag 
Displayed with an 'X' 
Game Routes
Spare every enemy 
The easiest ending to get 
Reach the kill counter for every area 
Game Info
Year released 
Art designer 
Main influence 
Minor Characters
Antisocial ghost 
Possible creator of the Core 
Owner of a boat that turns into a cat 
Did you remember his name? 

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