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Can you name the Dance Moms Word Ladder?

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Dancer who broke he foot in the last season
A part of a bookTake away one letter
Precursor to the cell-phoneAdd a letter
French verb for to swimChange a letter
To annoy someone constantly about a taskTake away two letters
A short rest, A Cat______Change a letter
Food for above mentioned animal, Cat___Change a letter
Dancer who is often given ethnic dancesChange a letter
Soccer player _____ HammChange a letter
Look ___ No Hands!!Take away one letter
Synonym for angryAdd a letter
CreatedAdd a letter
Dancer who is always on topAdd two letters
Organization that fights against operating motor vehicles while intoxicated (abbr.)Take away two letters
Opposite of subtractTake away one letter
Your mom is married to your _____Scramble the letters
The Good, The ____, And The UglyChange a letter
Abbr for BodyChange a letter
____ Choy, Chinese broccoliChange a letter
Made up of pages and chaptersAdd a letter
Actor Sorrell _______ From Dukes of Hazzard TV showAdd a letter
Sister of PaigeAdd a letter
What a ghost saysTake away three letters
Opposite of girlChange a letter
Txt lingo for 'Baby'Change a letter
Dance teacher in the showAdd a letter

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